SpaceSeed Cryptocurrency
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Current donation: $39,515
Total amount of donations: $15,000
Total $39,515
0 $15,000

What Do We Do?

We want to blur the line between the cryptocurrency merchants and ordinary consumers. We will popularize the cryptocurrency by giving free admission, and by helping people understand and confide what we believe to be the future of money.


Features of Hoverex

SpaceSeed brings together vendors and buyers without a central bank or single administrator to ensure clear and fair deals


This timeline details our funding and
development goals.

  • September 2020

    Creation of the idea of
    Spaceseed project

  • August 2021

    Website Launch

    Pancakeswap Launch

    Burn Remaining Tokens

    Secure Domain and Social Media Accounts

    Start Advertising on Social Media and Other Platforms

  • Q1.2021

    Start of ICO

  • Q1.2021

    Launch of  «Spaceseed» project

  • Q3.2021

    List on CoinGecko and Coinmarkercap

    List on Trustwallet/Metamask

    First Exchange Listing

    Community Events (Stream Platforms, Social Media)

    Token Burns


  • Q4.2022

    Stream Platform

    Community Organization

    Suprise Space Events

  • Future:

    Space Exchange


    New Seedchain Coin

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